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novaleigh - 1 day ago
novaleigh -

do not treat please by the way they look or how they dance but by they are in the inside hope all u haters no the being negative will get you know where in life and you all need to stop there are people in the world who will not even be able to have the opportunity to be on the phones putting there selves out there life is short I think they wanna love it well not being made fun of I am popular and I do not get made fun of but all these hatters would not help a special get an a in ELA well I did and I think she dances great stop making fun of her she actually might dance better than all of you hatters

emilyfreeman11 - 1 day ago
emilyfreeman11 -

all of yall need to stp being mean to her she tried her best and thats all that matters leave her alone i think her video was awesome i bet yall couldnt dance better than her

unicornkbling - unicornkBling 2 days ago
unicornkbling - unicornkBling

I thank the haters and the people that stuck up for me... but to the haters 600 something people disagree with u look at the likes

pyt_kailyn6 - 2 days ago
pyt_kailyn6 -

it’s funny that’s what is and it’s good don’t think negative 🤟🏼😂

jasmarie09 - ✨👑jasi😝🤪 3 days ago
jasmarie09 - ✨👑jasi😝🤪

parisnash53 shut up talking if you gonna talk stuff then don’t comment and just say it in your mind nobody wants to here your opinions

unicornkbling - unicornkBling 4 days ago
unicornkbling - unicornkBling

hey haters look who liked my lomotif? can u guess? I bet u can’t! TYELER FrICKInG ReiGn! proved all u fricking haters wrong

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