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ms.lexy - 1 month ago
ms.lexy -

if you say no one wants to see it then why are you watching?

samiraxox - 1 month ago
samiraxox -

@journee_make_lomotifs twerking dosent make her a thot look in the club or yo house u might find one u shouldn’t be talking like that at your own age so I suggest u sit dow and shut up and do ya homework

bracefaxebri - 1 month ago
bracefaxebri -

if u don’t wanna see twerking delete the app and stop hating on her

479.maliyahhankins - 1 month ago
479.maliyahhankins -

wow gurll u have some major jealous haters. like all those haters “stay in your laneeee”

reinaj - 1 month ago
reinaj -


rheya15 - 1 month ago
rheya15 -

The only reason you have so many likes is because of your a**

queen_lionesss - 1 month ago
queen_lionesss -

your just motivated me to start making sum twerk videos lmaoo😭😂🔥🔥😍🤩🤩🙊🙊

yofav._mayah - 1 month ago
yofav._mayah -

kill it sis ❤️ oh and follow me people and look at my new vidoe ❤️❤️💖💖💖💖😂💅💖💖😊

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