💫Good Night 💫 😍 ✅Расписание на неделю: Вт- 9:30/21:00 Сб-17:00 @studiamuzicavetra 😍 Вс-19:00/20:00 @emotion.29 😍 @marina_dancefit lomotify.com Lomotif Viewer

    💫Good Night 💫 😍 ✅Расписание на неделю:

    Вт- 9:30/21:00
    @studiamuzicavetra 😍

    @emotion.29 😍

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jayla616 - 2 months ago
jayla616 -

wow that’s incredible I’m a level 5 gymnast and I’m not even that good!! Great job!!

fredsilver - 2 months ago
fredsilver -

stop strip club dancing I am 10 and I I St saw that I am scared for life.

livy_doro2 - 2 months ago
livy_doro2 -

striperrr u freaking nasty what if kids saw this god get over ur self

anthony16 - 2 months ago
anthony16 -

somebody come get herrrrr she dancin like a stripperrrr

bossy_cosplayer - kakeguri 2 months ago
bossy_cosplayer - kakeguri

@braziakellam your juat mad because she can do a better job then you get over yourself its getting old😤😒

funicorn2010 - 2 months ago
funicorn2010 -

u know u shouldn’t post this on the internet!! if little kids see it they will think it’s ok

cutiekaufmann - 2 months ago
cutiekaufmann -

you move better in heels than I do when I’m not wearing them

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