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bottombaby.nellie - henessey🐍🖤 1 month ago
bottombaby.nellie - henessey🐍🖤

@yagirlsamir excuse me but bitch don’t get beat up kuz I can an will fight yuu don’t kno me so how bout y’all stp talkin Shii good day hating ass bitch how yuu otw witcho lyin ass I swea I hate hoes 😚🖤ily an preciate it bbg an I got da woah from a famous person thxs boo I’m doing better den yuu no need 2 hate I gotchu hope yuu can read dis kuz yuu dead ass need this gone write a whole mfn pg witcho ugly ass

yagirlsamir - 1 month ago
yagirlsamir -

first of all yo whoa was horrible and second who hit the folks like that then yo boobs finna go flying you look like a porn star okay and you just need to stop okay because I’m on my way to a dance show and you got me feeling like I’m gone get last place delete yo account now bitch

soul.sisters - 1 month ago
soul.sisters -

how about you you have not looked at yourself yet and also you don’t even know me

soul.sisters - 1 month ago
soul.sisters -

if you make it do not wear that you look like a person with woobly boobs get a new style

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